International Competition "SDGs on Friendly Terms"

February 1 - April 4, 2021

LIST OF WINNERS International competition "SDGs on Friendly Terms" 2021


The International competition "SDGs on Friendly Terms" is the largest competition of the International educational programme “Notebook of Friendship” in support of inclusion and Sustainable Development Goals. The competition is held from February 1 to April 4, 2021.

The Sustainable Development Goals are a global agenda that requires joint efforts. The Competition is aimed at inclusion of children, regardless of their place of residence, age and physical abilities, in order to solve the existing problems: urban beautification, assistance in socialisation of children with special needs, organisation of a charity event in support of lonely veterans, etc.

The aim of the Competition is to build an inclusive space in the children's and youth environment. This would allow children to improve their tutor's skills, become good communicators in an inclusive society, good practitioners of inclusive programmes and technologies, and contribute to the development of a sustainable and equal future.

Within the framework of the Competition, children's and youth teams from different parts of the world help each other in solving social problems relevant to their places of residence. The team writes down the results of their work on the pages of the "Notebook of Friendship".

The participants of the Competition 2021 are to pay special attention to the problems associated with the development of inclusion during the pandemic, and ways to build back better after the corona crisis:

  • how to reduce the consequences of the lockdown for children with disabilities?
  • how to increase the level of competitiveness of students with low social status within distance learning?
  • how to support elderly people living alone and being vulnerable within the pandemic?

The winners of the Competition will have the opportunity to present the results of their projects and share ideas on transforming the world at the Inclusive Social Transformations Forum INFOCUS, annually held in the United Nations. The most active and responsible participants may become the #INFOCUS Youth Ambassadors afterwards.

We are all different and live in different parts of the planet Earth. However, if we work together, we are able to change the world for different people and create an accessible environment.


You just need to:

  1. form a team of 3 to 30 people
  2. fill in an application for participation in the Competition in the period from 1 to 28 February, 2021.
  3. The application is to be submitted by the team leader (over 18 years old!). As soon as the application is submitted, you will receive information about a team of peers from Russia or another country, with whom you will participate in the Competition.
  4. receive an electronic Notebook of Friendship and access to Google.Drive.
  5. fill in your Notebook of Friendship, writing about your team and about the problem relevant to your place of residence. The problem must necessarily be related to inclusion and the Sustainable Development Goals;
  6. come up with a task for the team-partner that will help solve their problem, and complete the task that your team-partner will send you in response to your problem described;
  7. write a report on the completion of the task from the team-partner in the Notebook of Friendship;
  8. upload the scans of the Notebook of Friendship completed to Google.Drive to provide the organisers with the results of your activities.

The results of the Competition will be announced on April 20, 2021.

The list of winners will be published on our website. The organisers will select up to 10 pairs-teams from different cities and countries. You may become the winner only if you:

  • show the most effective results in solving social problems;
  • offer the most effective technologies;
  • make a creative Notebook of Friendship;
  • get the maximum number of points.

See more in Rules and regulations

The Competition is organised by the National Association for Education Development "Notebook of Friendship" and the International Centre for Social Innovations "Vector of Friendship".